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Things to Do In Brentwood, Essex

Most travellers like to visit England, most especially London, because it is where beautiful places are located matched. One of the most visited cities in England is Brentwood, Essex, where culture and history are still visible in different tourist spots. Essex is the historical side of London where you can see stunning gardens, lively pubs and bars where you can enjoy your whole night. There are also many restaurants and diners that are very popular to travellers because they offer native food for reasonable prices. You can always plan your travel adventure around London and include Essex in it. There are many travel agencies or travel site that you can read as your reference when you plan your travels. Most importantly, many visitors are trying to start backpacking in London since most places are accessible by train. Are you still clueless about the fascinating beauty and spontaneous adventures you can experience in Essex? Well, here are some of the best and most visited places in Essex and you should make sure to include them in your travel itineraries.

Audley End House and Gardens

audley end house and gardens

This is very popular for people who want to experience the royalty and elegance of old English era. You can see beautiful gardens and landscapes, which were inspired by the Victorian Garden. If you are going to visit Essex with your family, you can also let them explore this mansion, since they have recreated the Victorian era where they can play different kinds of toys, such as dress-ups using the Victorian clothes. You can also learn a lot from the history of this mansion since they have nursery areas where designs are inspired by the Victorian era.

Lee Valley White Water Centre


lee valley white water centre

If you want to experience extreme water sports, you may opt to visit Lee Valley White Water Centre. They offer white water rafting and other water sports activities, which can make your adrenaline go crazy.  You don’t need to worry if you are just a beginner in white water rafting because they offer different kinds of levelling lessons depending on your skills and ability. Above all, you are very safe since they have all the facilities, which can keep you on guard. White water rafting is available for individuals who are travelling alone and with groups.

Rope Runners

rope runners

After experiencing water adventures, you can try another escapade in rope adventures. The rope runner has five courses on different levels, wall climbing and free fall for about 13 meters high. They are using improvised and high quality facilities to ensure your safety as well as your kids safety. They are offering rope adventures to different ages starting from children to young adults. With this, your children can also enjoy rope adventures with you.

Thorndon Country Park

Thorndon Countryside Centre

This park has over 500 acres where you can find different kinds of animals who are living in their nature-like habitats. This park has received as Green Flag Award because of its legacy of maintaining the nature and saving Mother Earth as well.

Things to Do in Essex to Make The Most of Your Visit

England is the land of opportunities and it is also home to many interesting tourist destinations. Everyone goes to London to enjoy the modern and sophisticated side of the country. If you visit this country to make contact with its old side, then you might want to visit Essex than any other destinations. Being home to some of the oldest properties in the country, Essex is well known for its beautiful gardens that provide the visitors with a great blooming experience in every season. Thus, you will have more freedom to schedule your trip to this beautiful place. There are plenty of things to do in Essex every time you pay a visit to this place. Most visitors to Essex tend to spare plenty of time during their visit to enjoy fine dining at great restaurants. Relaxing spas and fabulous pubs are also often visited by many visitors. If you are still clueless about how to enjoy the best of Essex in your visit, make sure that you put the following leisure activities in your schedule.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Not only that Essex has plenty of interesting tourist spots to visit, you also have different options on how to enjoy this place. Essex is surrounded by beautiful spots with great views and there is no better way to enjoy all that than a view from the top. Essex has a number of launch sites where you can jump on a hot air balloon and take a ride above Essex with it. This air trip simply offers an unforgettable experience to every passenger.

Visiting Colchester Zoo

Today, almost every city on the planet has a zoo of their own and so does Essex. However, you shouldn’t let that keep you from visiting the Colchester Zoo in Essex. A visit to this zoo offers an excellent experience especially when you come to this city together with your whole family. With about 60 acres of zoo site, you can have a great time viewing more than 260 rare and unique species with your own eyes. Make sure that you go to the Playa Patagonia. This place offers you a chance to stand beneath a tank of sea lions. The site of the Spirit of Africa allows you to see the elephants breed in person. A number of wild animals like ostriches, white rhinos and zebras can be found in the Kingdom of the Wild.

Spending Your Afternoon at RHS Garden Hyde Hall

RHS Garden Hyde Hall is a perfect garden in Essex where you can spend a refreshing afternoon. This beautiful garden offers distinctive experience in different season. If you visit Essex in Autumn, this garden is the right place where you can pick apples, berries or some other fresh and tasty fruits. If you like to enjoy the eruption of daffodils, camellias, rhododendrons and violets, it would be best if come to RHS Garden Hyde Hall in spring.

Besides all those relaxing, exciting and refreshing leisure activities stated above, there are still many other things to do in Essex to make your visit unforgettable. Great dining, a tour to the vineyards or a trip to the Lifehouse are definitely worth to try in Essex.

Things to Do in Basildon, Essex


London is not the only place in England that has tons of attractions for both tourists and travelers. If you just drive your car to Essex from London, after about twenty six miles of distance, you will get to an interesting town named Basildon. Being founded in 1806, this old town is filled with many historical records. Initially, this wonderful town was recognized as a new town right after the second World War ended in the 1940’s. Basildon was a main destination to overcome the overpopulation problems in London. Today, people no longer drive to the town of Basildon to avoid the overspill of population. They actually visit this town other interesting purposes. There are plenty of things to do in Basildon, Essex to make your visit counts and memorable. If you wonder about how to make your travel to Basildon more enjoyable, feel free to read the rest of this short article.


festival leisure park basildon

When you travel in Basildon, make sure you drive your car to the Festival Leisure Park. You can find the location of this trading leisure park at the north side of the town. During the day, you can have a great visiting all the fun and enjoyable hot spots in this area including the arcade center, bowling center, a couple of health clubs, two great restaurants and a theater that has 12 screens. When the sun goes down, it is about time for you to start your exciting nightlife experience. The nightclub in Basildon is a must-visited spot considering that it is the third largest nightclub in the kingdom. You should never worry about the accommodation as you travel to Basildon since this town is home to a couple of cozy hotels.

This wonderful town is actually located on a hill and that just makes it a perfect spot for you to enjoy fresh weather and great scenery. If you are done with enjoying the beautiful views of the town, then it is about time for you to shop and find some unique souvenirs.

Surprisingly, Basildon has plenty of shopping spots, you can shop till you drop around here. This old town is home to a number of different high street stores. You can drive your car to the East Walk of this town to shop at various shopping centers. This region is also home to many coffee houses as well. If you like to have a more pleasant shopping experience, make sure that you visit the Eastgate Shopping Centre. You can easily find numerous different retailers in this place. If that is not enough to quench your thirst for shopping, you are invited to come to the Westgate Shopping park. There are more outlets you can find at this park. In addition to that, you can also shop at a pavement market which is filled with numerous retailers selling fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, clothing and all the goods for your household needs. Basildon might be a small, old town in Essex but there are surely plenty of things to do in Basildon to optimize each of your visit.

Although there is reasonably good public transport available in Basildon, you’ll be able to explore it a lot easier if you are traveling by car. So make sure you’ve taken your driving lessons and passed your driving test to truly enjoy all Basildon has to offer!

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