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Apps to Help You Practice for Your Theory Test


Taking your theory test can be a difficult and trying challenge if you are not adequately prepared. For many, it feels like a waste of time to learn everything that is covered on the theory test, just excited to get behind the wheel and navigate the roads. However, knowing the rules of the driving and how to handle sticky situations makes a huge difference in helping you prepare yourself for what you will encounter on the actual road.

The best way to pass your theory test is to make sure you are prepared and to get your hands on as many practice tests as you possibly can so you know what you are in for. Fortunately, there are some easy and convenient ways to get in the practice you need before taking your theory test. If you have a smart phone, there are some excellent apps available that make it easy for you to get some practice time in for your theory test while on the go. The following are the two apps with the best credibility and reviews from users:

  • The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit for Car Drivers: Who better to listen to when it comes to what you should study than those who made the test in the first place? DVSA, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, created the app to help individuals prepare themselves for the test—and they did a good job with it, too, because the app has earned a 4.5 out of 5-star rating with users. This app is definitely a must have on anyone’s smartphone while they are preparing to take the driving theory test in the near future. It’s certainly the most accurate and up-to-date way to practice and get the information you need, but the only drawback is it comes with a price tag, although it is a small price to pay to feel confident in your ability to pass the test.


  • Theory Test for UK Car Drivers and Motorcyclists — Driving Test Success: This one comes with a smaller price tag than what you will find from the official DVSA app, also with an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star rating. You can trust that this smartphone app can help you get all of the knowledge you need to succeed on your theory test as well, as it includes official revision questions pulled from the DVSA. With a neat, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive subject coverage, anyone who uses this app regularly to prepare for their theory test is certain to pass with flying colours.

However, don’t get too comfortable just because you feel confident in your ability to pass the theory portion of the test! Practicing with these apps in your spare time will only get you half way there. Remember, there is still the practical test to prepare for as well. Of course, you can’t prepare for that test with your phone in hand—you’ll be much better off looking for an incredible driving instructor in Basildon to prepare you to walk in to take your test with confidence.

What a Drive Around Essex can Offer You


I believe you would agree with me if I say that road trips are exciting, wouldn’t you? If you have a laid back personality just like me, then a drive around Essex is one of the things that you can do when you are within the area. There are a lot of places that you can visit, especially if you are driving your own car.

You might want to start first with the Epping Forest District. It is just a few hours drive from London. If you are an adventurous soul and do not mind getting wet, you can go white water rafting, which, believe me, will shoot your adrenaline rush to higher levels. Afterwards, you can go grab your lunch at a market town. Now, to learn more about the heritage of the area, I recommend going to several sites, such as the Copped Hall, where the play Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare was performed.

Another town that you can visit is Brentwood, which offers you a picturesque view of villages that will surely captivate your eyes. However, it is not the typical quiet village, as it is widely known for its nightlife. You can go bar hopping. You can go visit the shops and restaurants that this place can offer.

If you are into medieval history, you can visit the medieval town of Saffron Walden. The town boasts of lots of historic buildings, such as the beautiful St. Mary’s Church, which is the largest parish church in Essex. You might also be interested in the Saffron Walden museum where you can see hundreds of collections that are essential in the history of the place.

You can also visit Braintree, a market town, where every Wednesdays and Saturdays, a market will be held. During these days, you can shop all you want in a traditional manner. If you are not the market type of person, you can opt for the George Yard modern shopping center, instead. On the outskirts of this town, Freeport offers people the freedom to bargain at discounted prices.

Colchester will fascinate you with over 2000 years of history. It is a place where the cultures of Normans, the Saxons, and the Romans have been mixed together, resulting to the diverse culture you will be seeing there nowadays. There are many galleries and museums that you can find in this place. If you like to reach the coast to experience the cool sea breeze, you just need to drive for a few minutes, and you will be able to reach a spot to watch the sunset by the sea.

Since we are talking about the coast, the Essex Sunshine Coast will surely be an important place to visit for people who love the beaches. Such beaches have received multiple awards, and you will surely enjoy visiting and staying there for your vacation. Aside from that, you will also be able to witness how beautiful their seafront gardens are.

These are only some of the attractions that you can visit in Essex. Most importantly, just enjoy your visit and you will surely appreciate the beauty of driving around Essex. So what are you waiting for? Gas up and take your car for a ride! These are just a few small places you can visit once you have passed your driving test.

History of Wickford, Essex

Are you planning to visit Essex and want to learn more about the different histories of each city? It is always advisable to read more about the country you want to visit so that you are aware about their culture and avoid some behaviors that are offending to their culture. One of the most visited cities in Essex is Wickford.  It is located in north Basildon in South Essex. The name Wickford is derived from the words Wygford and Wyckford. Based on the history, the name means “a sheep farm on a river crossing”. This is because there are two rivers located nearby the area namely the River Crouch and another river flowing at the south of River Crouch.

The small town of Wickford started from agriculture and farming where many of the locals are working from morning until night in order to produce crops for their living, and it is now a very busy city where commuters usually drop by. Thomas Churchman Darby designed the digger and sold it all over the world. It became a success since he invented a machine where almost 70 people need to work before the machine was invented. Throughout his life, Darby has been inventing different kinds of machineries that are useful in agriculture and farming, which made him very famous and rich. Because of his inventions, the small town of Wickford became popular. When he died, his youngest son took over their business and later became Sidney C. Darby (Wickford) Ltd.

Wickford’s population in 1832 was only 402. There are only few residents living in Wickford since it was located in the countryside of Essex. However, right after World War II, many homeless Londoners started to migrate and live in Wickford, which made its population rise up to 50,000. In the mid of 1995, the village of Wickford was converted into metropolitan community.

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