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Things to Do in Essex to Make The Most of Your Visit - keendrivers

Things to Do in Essex to Make The Most of Your Visit

England is the land of opportunities and it is also home to many interesting tourist destinations. Everyone goes to London to enjoy the modern and sophisticated side of the country. If you visit this country to make contact with its old side, then you might want to visit Essex than any other destinations. Being home to some of the oldest properties in the country, Essex is well known for its beautiful gardens that provide the visitors with a great blooming experience in every season. Thus, you will have more freedom to schedule your trip to this beautiful place. There are plenty of things to do in Essex every time you pay a visit to this place. Most visitors to Essex tend to spare plenty of time during their visit to enjoy fine dining at great restaurants. Relaxing spas and fabulous pubs are also often visited by many visitors. If you are still clueless about how to enjoy the best of Essex in your visit, make sure that you put the following leisure activities in your schedule.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Not only that Essex has plenty of interesting tourist spots to visit, you also have different options on how to enjoy this place. Essex is surrounded by beautiful spots with great views and there is no better way to enjoy all that than a view from the top. Essex has a number of launch sites where you can jump on a hot air balloon and take a ride above Essex with it. This air trip simply offers an unforgettable experience to every passenger.

Visiting Colchester Zoo

Today, almost every city on the planet has a zoo of their own and so does Essex. However, you shouldn’t let that keep you from visiting the Colchester Zoo in Essex. A visit to this zoo offers an excellent experience especially when you come to this city together with your whole family. With about 60 acres of zoo site, you can have a great time viewing more than 260 rare and unique species with your own eyes. Make sure that you go to the Playa Patagonia. This place offers you a chance to stand beneath a tank of sea lions. The site of the Spirit of Africa allows you to see the elephants breed in person. A number of wild animals like ostriches, white rhinos and zebras can be found in the Kingdom of the Wild.

Spending Your Afternoon at RHS Garden Hyde Hall

RHS Garden Hyde Hall is a perfect garden in Essex where you can spend a refreshing afternoon. This beautiful garden offers distinctive experience in different season. If you visit Essex in Autumn, this garden is the right place where you can pick apples, berries or some other fresh and tasty fruits. If you like to enjoy the eruption of daffodils, camellias, rhododendrons and violets, it would be best if come to RHS Garden Hyde Hall in spring.

Besides all those relaxing, exciting and refreshing leisure activities stated above, there are still many other things to do in Essex to make your visit unforgettable. Great dining, a tour to the vineyards or a trip to the Lifehouse are definitely worth to try in Essex.

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