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Important Components of a Theory Test - keendrivers

Important Components of a Theory Test

One of the most important tests that you should be able to pass to get a driver’s licence is the theory test. The theory test is divided in two parts: the multiple choice part and the hazard perception. This will evaluate if the learners were able to grasp important lessons needed when the actual driving test begins.

driving theory test

Multiple Choice Part– The multiple choice part is a set of questionnaire with multiple choices on the different situations that can be faced by a driver. This will test his alertness, attitude, safety and safety margins, vulnerable road users, other types of vehicles, vehicle handling, accidents, rules of the road, and road and traffic signs.

Alertness– This will assess if the driver has the skills needed to observe safety, not just for his vehicle but also for other road users.

Attitude– This will determine if the driver is considerate about other drivers.

Safety and your vehicle-The driver here will be tested if he knows the different defects and how to avoid them.

Safety margins– Safety margins are also important, since this will test the ability of the driver to know the different road surfaces that may either be advantageous or disadvantages to him.

Vulnerable road users– Vulnerable road users should also be considered. These road users can be children, pregnant women, persons with disabilities and even cyclists.

Other types of vehicle– Part of the multiple choice part is also the assessment of your ability to pay equal respect to other vehicles, especially when you are doing your maneuvers.

Vehicle handling– This part will test your ability to know how to handle the effects of the different weather conditions that may hinder the driving process. For instance, if you are stuck in a deep snow, what should you do?

Accidents– This part of the test will assess the driver’s capability in dealing with accidents and the need of first aid. You will be exposed to different situations that will require quick reasoning and response.

Rules of the road– It is also an important aspect to check whether the driver knows the different rules of the road, specifically in the country that he will be driving.

Road and traffic signs­– Lastly, another important thing in the multiple choice part is the assessment of the ability of the driver to know the different traffic signs that are useful in maintaining the peace and order in the road.


Hazard Perception Part– The other part of the theory test is the hazard perception. This is basically a test administered to know the hazard awareness. The hazard may come from different angles. It may come from other road users, other vehicles or the weather conditions.

Taking the driving test first requires you to take the theory test. The theory test is divided into two parts: the multiple choice part and the hazard perception part. Knowing the two parts will help you anticipate the things that you will be faced with and also prepare you for the theory test.

Check out this YouTube video for an example of some of the questions that might be asked:


Once you’ve passed your theory test, you can go onto passing your practical test, check out our article on the practical test.

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