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Elements of a Practical Driving Test - keendrivers

Elements of a Practical Driving Test

After passing the theory test, you now can proceed with the practical test. This is a crucial step because this will determine whether you will be able to get a licence or not. However, before taking the practical test, you need to consider the different elements that must be taken first before taking and passing the test.

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Eyesight Test– Before taking the practical test, the examiner will ask you to look at things at different distances that will help them assess if you are indeed prepared for the things that you need to do when driving. This will ensure that you will be able to see the traffic lights clearly and see if there are any road users that will definitely be an obstacle for the driver. It is indeed a must that you have clear eyesight when you are learning how to drive. Not only is this an essential thing for the driver, but also something that can protect other road users. If you’re having trouble seeing things while driving, you might need glasses or contact lenses. You should contact a local opticians and have an examination to see if you do.

Vehicle Safety Questions– The examiner will also ask different vehicle safety questions that will be essential for the success of your test. He will ask you what you would do in certain situations like how to check the engine oil level or how do you deal with blind spots.

Controlled Stop– Controlled stop is commonly known as the emergency stop. The examiner will also test the ability of the learner to do an emergency stop should there be a need for it. However, if there is bad weather, the examiner can choose not to let you do the controlled stop.

Driving Maneuvers– Another important element of the practical test is testing the driving maneuvers. There is the turn in the road, reverse around a corner and reverse parking maneuver, which is very useful in terms of dealing with different situations. The examiner on his part will not tell you which type of maneuver he would want to see. Oftentimes, the examiners will select a maneuver at random for you to do. This will check your ability to have a quick response to the situation.

General Driving– Another element of a practical driving test is when the examiner tells you to demonstrate the ability to drive on any kind of road. This could be urban roads, which is prone to traffic or countryside roads, which can be driven at a high speed since there is an absence of traffic. Testing the general driving skills of the person will determine if he can adapt to different situations and don’t serve as a threat to other road users.

Before taking the practical test, you must know the elements of the practical test. These include the eyesight test, vehicle safety questions, controlled stop, driving maneuvers and general driving. Knowing these things will help you prepare for your practical test so that you will be able to get a driver’s licence in no time. Being prepared will also lessen your anxiety when you are taking the practical test.  This way, you would know what to expect during the actual test

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