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Billericay Driving Lessons by keendrivers

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Regular Pricing

£21Per Hour
£21Per Hour
  • 10 hours for £200

Introductory Packages

£655 hours
£655 hours
  • 10 hours for £165

Driving Test

£60Driving Test
£60Driving Test
  • This includes a 1 hour lesson before the test

When it comes to getting driving lessons in Billericay, it is important to make sure that you are working with an instructor that you can trust to adequately prepare you for absolutely anything that you might encounter while driving on the road. The unfortunate reality of the situation is that many unexpected situations could arise while a person is driving, and these situations can often end up being very dangerous if the person behind the wheel of the vehicle does not know how to properly deal with any given scenario.

We are Grade A Qualified with the Driving Standards Check  which is the highest grade you can get! Among normal driving lessons, we also offer Pass Plus courses. Whether you are a complete beginner or you just want to brush up on your driving skills, keendrivers is the most qualified and yet affordable option in all of Essex, especially Wickford. Get in touch with us today for more information.

At Keendrivers, we value safety and preparedness, which is why we design our driving instruction courses to prepare each and every one of our students to be aware, alert, knowledgeable and skilled drivers who are ready to deal with any situation they may encounter on the literal road ahead. We give all of our students the individual attention that they deserve to ensure that they know exactly what they are doing while they are on the road. Our lesson plans cover everything from basic rules of the road and all the way through to tactics for any driving maneuver they could need to execute as they are driving, and finally, methods to avoid or deal with any potentially dangerous situations they might encounter while on the road. We teach our students to drive safely and effectively, because we don’t want them to feel unprepared to deal with any driving situation at any point in their lives. Our lessons are extremely thorough, and we pride ourselves on the fact that any driver that completed a course with us at Keendrivers is definitely someone you can feel safe with if you are in a car that they are operating.


Not only are our courses extremely thorough and effective, but they are also very easy for our students to get through. This isn’t because we are skipping any important driving lessons or aspects but, rather, because we provide them with the highest quality instruction in the industry. The driving instructors that Keendrivers students work with know the best ways to help students perfect their driving skills, and they are also patient and compassionate. At Keendrivers, we understand that keendrivers are not born, but made. That is to say, driving is not a skill that comes to people naturally, but something that often needs to be practiced again and again. A lot of students are often intimidated at the concept of driving and uncertain about their actions. At Keendrivers, we have friendly and understanding instructors who know how to help their students overcome their fears of driving, if they have any.

Furthermore, most students have trouble with at least one aspect of driving or there is one part of the course that they struggle to get through with ease. Whether it is parallel parking, 3-point turns, braking smoothly, or any other issue, our instructors have the tips, tricks and advice to help students get through whatever they are struggling with so they are able to drive confidently on any road without fear that they will encounter a situation that they won’t be able to handle.


Billericay driving lessons are extremely important if you or someone you know is ready to get their driver’s license but needs to master the rules of the road beforehand. After completing a course at Keendrivers, you will have no fear at not being able to pass your driver’s test the first time. Our driving lessons are extremely thorough and our driving instructors are incredibly helpful, making Keendrivers a driving school with absolutely anything a new driver could need to succeed in their driver’s test, and then on the road for the rest of their lives.

A lot of driving courses focus mainly on covering the aspects of driving that a student would encounter on their driving test, but neglect other essential aspects that a driver must know in order to be a competent individual trusted behind the wheel of a car. We know all of the things that a student can expect to be faced with on their driver’s test and ensure mastery of each and every one of these skills so a student is able to breeze through their test without any trouble at all. In addition, we also ensure that they are able to pass their test with flying colors, but also that they will feel that they are able to confidently and safely navigate the roads, knowing how to be alert and aware of what is going on around them, and how to avoid any dangerous situations on the road.

At Keendrivers, we pride ourselves on producing drivers that anyone would feel safe to be in a vehicle with.  Contact us today to sign up for one of our driver’s courses.

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