Educational tour and Historical places for Children that you can drive to in Wickford

Learning is a lesson gathered when you ought to seek the history of a certain place or perhaps a thing. It plays a fundamental role in bringing a good message It broadens your knowledge and enriches your credibility as well as your life. It has helped many people in answering questions that pertains to the culture, historical background, highlights and events that took place and many more. Such experiences are being shared and teaches people a life lesson, be it good or bad. Part of the historical background is the literary works of people who have contributed for the benefit of the society.

Understanding the history is very basic especially if you are studying about a certain topic of your choice and reading the literature. It is just like how literature has affected a person and vice versa. The following places to be mentioned are one of the historical and at the same time educational attractions that is near Wickford.

The Rayleigh Mount- this is used to be a remnants of the medieval times and was a castle site that was built by Sweyn of Essex. Nowadays it is famous with its urban and wildlife features which is great for educational tour for children, family gathering and exploration, and sight seeing across the Crouch valley.

Southend planetarium- learning science is what children would love especially if the topic is about planetarium, the universe and the galaxy. This will enhance your child’s development with regards to the planet and the universe. This composes of astronomical talks in which children will get to value more on the subject of science.

Coalhouse Fort- information is disseminated through the visitation of the area. It also provides insight regarding how useful it was and how it has evolved over the many years. Although not all fort are open to the public but it is better if you do you research and check if there is any availability of the area. After you have visited the Fort, there is an open space for a pleasant picnic with family and friends.


The London bridge- as you pass through the streets where the bridge is visible in which its gruesome story foretold a horrific tourist spot in which you can bring your family and friends for some scary stories.

Buckingham Palace- this is the official home of the Queen in London. At present times the palace is extensively used by the royal family.

There are more historical places in which you can learn from the things that have made its foundation. It is important that you value the memories from the past because without it, you would end up not knowing what it is to imagine the things that were once beautiful and got destroyed. Take advantage of the things that was once from the past because these can also help and mold you as a person. Historical background is just like digging deep with your family history until you understand how things were once different compared as you are today.

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